10 Consequences of Divorce You Haven’t Considered

consequences of divorce - couple sits at table not looking at each other

Divorce brings a wide array of consequences, some more obvious than others. Below, we have outlined 10 consequences of divorce you might not have previously considered.

1) Increased risk for health problems

Health problems become more prevalent following divorce. Studies by Frontiers in Psychology and the University of Copenhagen found that divorced adults are less healthy than married adults, reporting more chronic health problems, poorer general health and mental health, and greater levels of psychological distress than married persons.

2) Physical pain

Some research suggests that divorced individuals experience higher levels of physical pain than married individuals do. This is especially the case among women, who often experience more severe forms of pain than men.

3) Feeling lonely and isolated

Divorced individuals tend to feel lonelier and more isolated than married individuals do. As a result they may withdraw from friendships and family activities, which only contributes to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

4) Living in debt 

Debt is a major consequence of divorce that many divorced individuals struggle with for years after their marriages have ended. Debt is often incurred during the divorce process itself, as well as through divorce-related expenses such as attorney fees and alimony payments.

5) Reduced standard of living

Married couples tend to enjoy a higher standard of living than divorced individuals do post-divorce, with divorced individuals reporting far less wealth than married individuals. This is due to the financial strain that divorce imposes on most divorced individuals, including the loss of a spouse’s income and assets.

6) Alcohol abuse increase

Divorced individuals are more likely to turn to alcohol or other substances for solace following their divorce. Divorced individuals are also more likely to have issues with alcoholism than married individuals are.

7) Sexual problems

Sexual problems become increasingly prevalent following divorce, especially among men. Women report sexual dissatisfaction more often than men do, but the risk for erectile dysfunction is four times greater among divorced men than it is among married men, while the risk for low sexual desire is three times greater among divorced men. Women are also likely to have more sexual dysfunctions following divorce.

8) Reduced life satisfaction

Married individuals generally enjoy significantly higher levels of life satisfaction than divorced individuals do post-divorce. Divorced individuals experience a decline in life satisfaction that can last for years after their divorces have been finalized.

9) Social stigma

Though social attitudes toward divorce have become more accepting in recent decades, divorced individuals still often experience a loss of status within their social circles and communities. For some, this leads to feelings of shame, anger or regret about the divorce process itself.

10) Increased financial burdens

Divorce almost always requires the payment of attorney fees by both parties, resulting in financial strain for most divorced individuals. Couples with children are also likely to struggle over issues related to child support and visitation rights following divorce, which can further increase financial strain.

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