6 Tips for Winning a Child Custody Case in CA

Parent holding the hand of a small child

Separation and divorce are usually emotionally overwhelming life experiences. When it involves children, the situation is even more challenging and complex. It’s not uncommon for bickering parents to treat child custody like a contest to be won. Winning a child custody case in CA, however, isn’t about you or your spouse.

It’s crucial to remember that courts determine custody, visitation, and other parenting time guidelines by considering the best interest of the child. These tips for winning a child custody case in CA focus on how your children can benefit from the parenting arrangements you’re seeking.

1. Demonstrate Your Commitment to Your Children

Give your children the time, attention, and love they want and need from you. Avoid skipping visits, appointments, events, and other opportunities to spend quality time with your kids. Limit the time they spend in the care of others when they’re scheduled to spend parenting time with you.

Connect with their teachers, medical providers, coaches, and other individuals outside the family who affect your children’s lives. Help them with their homework, attend school meetings and conferences, and go to medical appointments as often as possible. These actions show the court that you are actively taking part in parenting your children and that maintaining or increasing your parenting time is beneficial to your child’s well-being.

2. Maintain a Home Supportive of Raising Children

Skip the “bachelor pad” or “single life” phase that often follows the end of a relationship. Instead, when someone walks into your home, they should be able to tell that a child lives there or spends significant time in your home. Keep it clean, but make sure your kids feel welcome, relaxed, and at home when they’re there.

Apply age-appropriate child-proofing measures to ensure your home is a safe environment for young ones. Carefully screen who comes into your house, both when your children are there and when they’re away. Don’t risk reports of inappropriate behavior that courts may see as risky to the kids.

3. Behave Responsibly and Maturely Post Breakup

No matter how you feel about your ex, they’re still the parent of your child. Keep that in mind when talking about them, especially when the children are around. Avoid talking negatively about your ex to anyone else, and treat them with respect.

Moreover, don’t post angry rants or accusations about them on social media. The courts may view those behaviors as evidence that you’re unable to support a good relationship between your children and their other parent. Family judges typically view spending time with both parents as acting in the best interest of the child, and a good relationship is foundational to this.

4. Build and Sustain a Workable Relationship With Your Ex

It’s not enough to just steer clear of negativity towards your children’s other parent. In the best-case scenario, you’ll be working together to raise your children by co-parenting. When you demonstrate a willingness and ability to maintain a cordial and healthy relationship with your ex for the children, you show the court that you’re acting in your kids’ best interests. 

This is especially important when you’re fighting for extra concessions regarding parenting time or  visitation. It may also convince your ex to work with you instead of against you in determining custody.

5. Document Any Adverse Situations or Circumstances

While co-parenting is the goal in most cases, it’s not always possible. If your ex is involved in activities that place your children at risk, hosts them in an unsafe environment, or exhibits other behaviors that are concerning for child-rearing, document those situations for the court. 

6. Prepare with the Guidance of a CA Child Custody Attorney

Preparation and documentation are key in obtaining a satisfactory outcome in your child custody case. Retain a California child custody lawyer with experience and knowledge of the California Courts custody and visitation policies and practices. No one can guarantee that you’ll win your case, but paired with these tips for winning a child custody case in CA, an experienced attorney can greatly improve your odds. 

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