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How Is Child Support Calculated, and Who Needs to Pay It?

judge gavel calculating child support

When parents decide to get a divorce, there are several layers of legal matters that need to be addressed, including child support.  Not every family needs to deal with child support, but for those who do, it’s an important process that can have a big impact on everyone involved. So how is child support calculated? […]

How Can a Family Attorney Help Me?

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A family attorney can be a partner to help you through several family-related legal issues—not just divorce settlements or trials.  If you’re looking for a lawyer who can assist with anything from domestic violence to adoption, a family lawyer can help. What Do Family Attorneys Cover? Family lawyers or attorneys are legal professionals who specialize […]

The Purpose of Child Support

Father who gained custody of his son

Child support is a legal obligation in which one parent is required to financially contribute towards the needs of their child or children after divorce or separation. The purpose of child support is multifaceted but simple to understand. There are several reasons why both parents are expected to pay for the financial needs of their […]